About me

Devon brings a combined 6+ years of recruitment experience working in the fields of Life Sciences, Engineering, Medical Device and Legal Services. He is a proud Recruiter that takes pride in filling niche roles for clients while maintaining great relationships with both candidates and hiring managers he collaborates with. 

Why recruit with Devon?

With extensive experience understanding diverse markets, Devon brings valuable insight into what drives passive candidates to make a change in their given industry. From a client perspective, he is able to inform his clients on what they need to do to compete in competitive markets to ensure that they are getting the top candidate(s) to complete their hiring needs and continue running successfully in industries where having top talent can make or break a company.

Get in touch with Devon

Devon is constantly speaking with both candidates and hiring managers to ensure he has up-to-date knowledge pertaining to the market and how quickly it can change. With relationships from the west coast to the east coast, he can quickly support hiring needs in the nation's largest business hubs along with the smaller cities where talent can be tough to find.


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