About me

Shannon Meindl serves as an Associate Partner at Oculus Group, bringing her expertise and passion for connecting talented individuals with their ideal career opportunities. Joining our team in June of 2022, Shannon has quickly established herself as a key asset in our recruitment endeavors.

Recognized as a true "people person," Shannon thrives on engaging in meaningful conversations to uncover the unique skills, aspirations, and needs of each individual she works with. Her dedication to understanding the nuances of every candidate's background and career goals allows her to effectively match them with roles that not only utilize their skill set but also align with their long-term objectives.

Why Recruit with Shannon?

Colleagues and clients alike commend Shannon for her unwavering work ethic, responsiveness, and empathetic approach. As a diligent listener, she prioritizes the needs and concerns of her candidates and clients, ensuring that every interaction is personalized and constructive.

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In an industry where relationships and trust are paramount, Shannon's ability to build rapport and foster genuine connections sets her apart. Her commitment to delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and valued partner in the recruitment process.


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