About me

Shannon is a passionate curator of talent and a storyteller at heart, dedicated to bringing dreams to life through the art of creative recruitment. She is driven by the belief that every spark of creativity has the power to ignite change. With empathy as her muse and authenticity as her beacon, she navigates the avenues of talent acquisition with a soulful reverence for the eclectic tapestry of human imagination.

Why recruit with Shannon?

Shannon finds solace in the rhythm of collaboration and the harmony of collective vision. Her passion lies in cultivating environments where creativity flourishes, and every recruitment endeavor embraces authenticity, diversity, and boundless innovation.

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When clients choose to collaborate with Shannon, they gain more than just access to talent – they receive a dedicated partner committed to understanding their culture and needs, ensuring each candidate aligns perfectly with their vision. For candidates, partnering with Shannon means embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth, supported by her personalized guidance and genuine care.


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